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Today's museum

Today you can take a stroll along the picturesque lane called Tågatan. Around a dozen cottages have been preserved in their original locations, making Åsle Tå Sweden’s best preserved collection of labourers’ cottages.

Here you can experience the poverty of 18th and 19th century Sweden. Step into the authentic dwellings and find out more about the strong personalities and touching tales of the people who lived there. The old smithy and the mill have been rebuilt, and at the far end of the lane there’s now a storehouse and a relocated post-and-plank barn.

To bring Åsle Tå to life even more, a group of amateur artists from the local heritage society have been busy repopulating the old Tå cottages. A number of lifesize figures have been created to bring some of the best known Tå dwellers to life.

And don’t forget to visit our agricultural museum, which houses a collection of agricultural tools from the hoe to the advent of the tractor.

In the immediate vicinity of Åsle Tå you can also see the ”Store sten” monument, which was erected to commemorate the Battle of Åsle in 1389, walk the Åsle Marsh trail and visit Åsle’s beautiful 12th century church.